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Oficina das Ruas Floridas

Oficina das Ruas Floridas (Workshop of Flowey Streets) is housed in the building of the former Cinema Capitólio (Capitol Theater), built in the 40th century. In 1987, it was acquired by the Town Hall of Redondo, renamed Cineteatro Municipal, operating until 2006 as a concert hall until the opening of Centro Cultura Redondo (Cultural Center of Redondo).

The main objective of Oficina das Ruas Floridas (Workshop of Flowey Streets) is to promote and publicize the Ruas Floridas (Flowery Streets) event, as well as the art of working paper.

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Museu Regional do Vinho

O Museu Regional do Vinho (Regional Wine Museum), opened to the public in September 2001, was conceived as a starting point for the discovery of the Alentejo and its wine-producing tradition.

The Museum’s permanent collection includes agricultural instruments, objects, images and texts associated with the art of wine making, favoring the ceramic material, characteristics of this ceramic-producing center in which it is included. 

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Museu do Barro

The Museu do Barro (Pottery Museum) invites you to follow the historical route of pottery in the region, as well as to appreciate and acquire representative pieces of the various ways of working with clay. 

In addition to its museological aspect, it also offers a playful and educational aspect whose objective is to raise awareness among young people, in view of one of the most marked traditions in the country. 

It is also possible for the visitor to visit the nine potteries in the country, thus being able to closely follow and experience the timeless work on the wheel, perhaps also giving shape to his own creations. 

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Serra da Ossa

The new Serra da Ossa pedestrian route, at the gates of the Alentejo town of Redondo, is one kilometer and 700 meters long along a valley, with wooden walkways.

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Praia Fluvial de Reguengos

The start of the bathing season in Praia Fluvial de Monsaraz (Monsaraz River Beach) in 2021 is 10th June and ends on 23rd September and has two lifeguards. The opening hours are from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, every day during the bathing season. 

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Castelo do Redondo

The Castelo do Redondo (Castle of Redondo), in Alentejo, is located in the village and parish of Redondo, district of Évora, in Portugal. 

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Wine Tasting

Book a guided tour of the best wineries, cellars and estates and enjoy wine tastings in the best wine regions in Portugal. 


Carriage Ride

The Carriage Ride in Redondo provide a true journey back in time on a tour of the Village. 


Hiking in Serra da Ossa

The routes to Serra da Ossa have distances of 6, 12 or 20 km and different degrees of difficulty, and may include a visit to the Ermida do Monte da Virgem (Hermitage of Virgin Mount), where you can see the walkways taking shape.

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