About Us

a family for families

About Us

the family is what matters

We are a family of 6 passionate about nature and as such we decided to change the city life for the countryside and we thought “Why not share this experience with other families/people? ” Thus was born a true rural family tourism. The love for animals and nature gave birth to this special project in this family of 6.

We are Eco, we are for the animals. We are for those who like peace and quiet and here we want you to be happy.

We live our dream every day in a wonderful space, full of beauty, charm, and adventure.

We've already had it on TV!

In 2020 we were very pleased to receive a visit from Kuriatos TV and we present our project!

Get to know our family a little better!


Our farm aims to bring our guests closer to the daily life of a farm, giving them the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and learn the day-to-day life of the countryside, having direct contact with our animals as a privileged activity.


Teach the youngest and those who want to learn how to take care of and what the daily life of a rural farm is like


We are for the animals, for peace and we really want rural traditions not to be lost

We are

Alentejo at heart, with the dream of making Reis da Quinta a must-visit


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Enjoy a calm environment surrounded by green spaces, where children play and socialize with nature and animals.

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